Who are the Suikoden fans?

We, the Suikoden Revival Movement, started in 2012 to show Konami that there is a huge interest in the Suikoden series. We started social media campaigns, mail-in campaigns and recently, we even cooperated with them to bring the Suikoden series more into public focus.

You, the Suikoden fans, showed your dedication to the series in the past in the most wonderful ways. But as a company, Konami cannot make their decisions based on dedication alone, but they need more information about the Suikoden fandom. By answering this survey, you help us a lot to bring this data to Konami. We want to find out what you love about the games and what you would like to see in re-releases/a future Suikoden title.

Please share this with your fellow Suikoden friends as much as possible! Also, be totally honest with your answers! It will take about 10 minutes to answer the questions.